Twelve Points on the Politics Today

  1. Trump is a democrat, as are all of the conservative democrats who call themselves “conservatives” and hide behind the label, “republican”.
  2. The democratic business system is called “mercantilism”. It is what drives the democratic imperialism throughout the world, hence “democratic mercantilist imperialism”.
  3. Stateside, democracy requires of its people jobs before they are allowed to eat. In this way, political support is given to democratic mercantilist imperialism, which robs people in other lands of their natural resources, thus producing poverty and financial dependence on — you guessed it — the democratic mercantilist bankers.
  4. This poverty and usury then causes households and states to collapse. People flee the civil unrest and become refugees.
  5. Refugees would otherwise flee to just outside their country, but the democratic mercantilist bankers have other designs for the refugees to our south: forming them into hordes and facilitating their invasion of our southwestern States.
  6. Those invading hordes then trigger part of Article IV, Section 4, Clause 1 of the Constitution, requiring Congress to protect those States.
  7. However, the democrats in Congress who call themselves “Democrats” do not want to fulfill that obligation because they want to swamp those States with voters and wage slaves who are wholly ignorant of the way they are being manipulated and are unlikely to find out anytime soon, due to their linguistic inability to comprehend the Constitution, State laws, or local ordinances.
  8. The Machine Democracy is oblivious to the historical parallels with the Roman Democratic Empire, begging the barbarians to storm the gate.
  9. The southern border wall is merely a fortification, and needs to be supplemented by the militia, which would only exist if there was a republican form of government for the States. The democrats in Congress, of all labels, will do that when climate change causes the metaphorical burning trash heap to freeze over.
  10. Hence “border security” for reducing crime is the propaganda from the right democracy, and “walls do not work”, “walls are immoral”, “walls are medieval”, and similar nonsense forms the propaganda of the machine democracy.
  11. All of this talking past each other, along with the lies about fiscal economics which perpetuate the unconstitutional budget nonsense, allows democracy, and thus slavery, to continue.
  12. Surely Cromwell and Robespierre are somewhere about because there are about 500 decapitations which are overdue.
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