We have been led to believe that either the party of Sanders or the party of Trump is lying. The former is said, by the disciples of Hayek, to be leading us like the “communist” Stalin down the road to serfdom, as if we were not already at that destination with prison slavery, wage slavery, and debt slavery. The leader of the latter is said, by the disciples of Castro, to be lying with every word, an epitome of the Cretan according to the Cretan philosopher, as he wends his fascist path toward dictatorial power, like Hitler. Somehow they also are disciples of Hayek.

The truth is that all of those democrats — and they are all democrats — are lying. Stalin, a democrat in the tradition of Julius Caesar, the Great Democrat, and the Czars, purged communists out of the “Communist Party” political organization. Hitler, a democrat in the tradition of Julius Caesar, the Great Democrat, and the Holy Roman Emperors, was initially anti-big-business but needed funding and soft-pedaled that aversion. The Nationalist Socialist German Worker’s Party backed into fascism through its totalitarian democracy.

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Czars (l) and Holy Roman Emperors (r)

The democratic proponents of the left and right ignore this history of democracy and abuse terminology to selectively condemn their directional opponents. An accurate terminology should help clarify what has become a mud-fight.

Communists = Those who adhere to communism, the formation of households holding real estate in common and in perpetuity, traditionally protected by a surrounding defensive wall.

Republicans = Those who adhere to republicanism, the formation of states (republics) whose members are autonomous, communist households, and which send delegates/elders by acclamation to a body (Senate) for the governance of the interstitial public matter (res publica) by common agreement or feeling (consensus).

Democrat = the leader of a a democracy, a regime ruled through a system of democratic categorization, where those in the non-people category are slaves and those in the people category are bribed with democratic privilege to vote for a ruler, usually or eventually despotic.

1. There is no such thing as a “card-carrying” communist or republican. “Card-carrying” is for democracies of various kinds because the democratic process requires organizations.

2. Socialism is the attempt to achieve republicanism through social or democratic means. That attempt often devolves into late-stage democracy — Stalin as “The New Czar” — replete with propaganda and totalitarian control over communal, family and personal matters.

3. Democracies eventually seek to micro-manage commerce and industry through “planned economies”. India is a modern example of a non-socialist democracy doing this.

4. Because of the massive abuse of terminology carried over into “conservative” ideology by Hayek and others, the disastrous effects of democracy are falsely attributed to “socialism” and “communism”. Even worse, these errors have taken on the nature of motifs (memes) which, in true propagandist fashion, short-circuit any critical analysis to benefit the interests of the democratic elite.

5. A similar abuse of terminology comes from later Marxists calling any right-wing democracy “fascist”, to avoid attributing totalitarianism to democracy.

6. These ideological falsehoods dwarf any other exaggerations, lies, or statistics presented by the Sanders camp, the Trump camp, “conservatives”, “progressives”, or any other faction of democracy in the country.

Stated simply: what the people of the United States should be worried about is their Union of States being turned into a democracy, yet that is precisely where we are headed, in either direction.

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