Women do not have reproductive rights any more than men do. Women and men have a reproductive capability enabled by intercourse. The successful result of intercourse is a blessing which should be nurtured throughout life. Therefore, I call for a weekly stipend starting at birth.
Let that stipend be also a uniform rule of naturalization, for immigrants and native-born alike, starting at $40 per week, with $4 per week added for each week of residence up to the 365th week, for a maximum weekly stipend of $1500.
Such a stipend will encourage the nurture of these blessings, whether born here or brought here for refuge. The engines of production would then be driven by this unconditional provision of the necessities, made to care for each human being intercourse brings into this Union.
The phrase used to describe a residential, academic college is a Latin one: alma mater. It means nourishing mother. If we are to honor motherhood, it behooves us to adopt this felicitous phrase in our policy. If we are to esteem the feminine, we should seek the best nature attributed to the female character. We should nourish each of our citizens with a weekly provision of the necessities, without a condition of employment, without having to meet a bureaucratic requirement of official penury. Let us feed the public first with a $1500 stipend for the week before sending them out into the world to do the work which they are called to do, by the Spirit or by economic urgency.

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A scion of the Sherman and Delano families, C. P. Klapper comes from a long history of New England Communist Republicanism.

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