1. It is my economic analysis. The correctness of my analysis, which you did not rebut, is what makes it right. #EndH2B
  2. Your business could attract more local workers if you offered higher wages. If need be, you could attract seasonal workers from the ranks of the employed, if you paid them enough to make it worth their while to take a few weeks off from their current job. However, I doubt that it is necessary. My eldest son and his friends had not been able to find even seasonal work in their towns in New Jersey, for the years they were in high school and college, despite applying everywhere in town. My youngest son worked at a chain restaurant last summer because it paid more than the art studio he was at prior to entering the School of the Visual Arts. People will come out of the woodwork if you offer enough. You, clearly, are not.
  3. You have made yourself dependent on the indentured servitude of H2B, under-pricing your products on the basis of that cheap labor, and now you find yourself in a pickle. Though others would be heartless and tell you to reap the fruits of your ill-gotten labor, I will not. However, you should not expect to continue an unconstitutional practice which had denied work to 30 American citizens in the past and helped drive down wages for many more.
  4. I am fully invested in what I have written. I am an unemployed software developer who started programming computers over 44 years ago. I never took a computer programming language class in college or graduate school. I have a BA in Mathematics from Grinnell College and a MS in Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University. I never needed training in any computer programming language because I know how to read a manual and read a BNF syntax. Yet I am considered “unqualified” because I do not have paid experience in a second-rate and highly derivative language like Python. Because my fellow programmers and I are summarily made “unqualified”, we are used as excuses to hire H-2B indentured servants. As a result of H-2B, I am have wasted my time looking for a job which can pay for me and my son who lives with me on account of medical problems, help put my two youngest through college and medical school, allow me to not need my eldest daughter paying me back for her summer courses in social work at Rutgers and for her moving into a new apartment, and file back taxes on my software development and publishing business, as well as keeping it in operation to perhaps realize some cash flow from it. In other words, I am just as invested in what I am writing as you are, if not more so. #EndH2B #LetAmericansWork

This is what I would recommend to save your business:

A. Ask your local Chamber of Commerce for the going hourly wage rate in your town for the type of labor you need. That is your going rate.

B. Add $1 to the going rate and put an advertisement in your local classifieds — including church newsletters — for work at the augmented rate. Say “will train” and do not ask for experience.

C. Place similar advertisements as posters in local markets, train stations, bus stops, and any other public space available to you.

D. If you do not get applicants in a week, go to step B.

E. Send a letter to your current customers, explaining that you had an unforeseen increase in your labor costs due to H2B denial, that you are now hiring more American workers and it costs more to do so. Suggest a new price for their contract which includes the new going rate.

F. Change the prices in your catalog to add a premium above the suggested price, to indicate that the suggested price was a discount.

G. Add “Made by Americans” to your product tags and price stickers. Play that up as part of your marketing.

H. Record the effect on sales of the new prices and go to a local bank to refinance your business, including the equipment loans, loses from higher labor costs on current contracts, the costs of marketing changes, and expected sales quantities going forward. A good, local banker should be able to guide you through this process and give you manageable loan payments.

A scion of the Sherman and Delano families, C. P. Klapper comes from a long history of New England Communist Republicanism.

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