I am a prophet, a soul who decided to return to earth after ascending in a warm, white gleam when a toddler and seeing suffering in another corner of the world, returning to solve the problem of poverty. This I have done in a book I call “Popular Capitalism”, where I rethink political economy from blank slate, from a tabula rasa. As I write early on, “There is no inherent right to rule.” From that, I would leave with this discussion the notion that the most damaging myth unleashed on this world is that of democracy, that people have a right to rule. It does not matter what categorization of humans you use in deciding that some are people and some are not. It does not matter if you believe yourself wise in calling some people good and others evil. It does not matter if all the voices you have heard solemnly intone the precisely manufactured facts and the conclusion to be drawn from them in policy. None of those things justify democracy or the Democratic Party or the political machines the Democratic Party rules and through which they rule, under a few names.

What we need, it turns out, is an improved communism. Not socialism, but good old communism. Of course, most people misunderstand communism, so I present my improved version as “the college of extended families” in “Popular Capitalism”. Therefore, individual awareness is not sufficient. The Communist life must be restored.

A scion of the Sherman and Delano families, C. P. Klapper comes from a long history of New England Communist Republicanism.

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