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Joe Biden has printed more votes than any other candidate in the history of Presidential elections.

As a Republican, I am not vested in democratic elections. Instead, I advocate for communist households and for such households being able to send delegates to serve in various public offices, including the office of Elector, as well as such officers being able to fulfill their duties independently and virtuously, not being bound or beholden to any rulers or to their minions. However, there are times when an illegitimate and unconstitutional democracy is so corrupt that I feel it my duty to call it out.

One such case was twenty years ago, when a ballot-box-stuffing William Daley of the ballot-box-stuffing Daley family of Chicago, ran a ballot-box-stuffing operation in Florida in favor of Al Gore. Then, as now, Mainstream Democratic propaganda issued by the monopolistic media insisted that each of their stuffed ballots be counted, while disregarding any objections by their opponents as racist attempts at voter suppression. Then, as now, the Conservative Democratic RINOs laid themselves open to the charge by insisting on Voter ID, rather than Vote ID. The means of stuffing the ballot box on 2000, however, was particularly obvious to me, since one of my duties as a Junior Programmer at BOCES in Yorktown Heights, New York, was to pre-punch perforated punch cards in the first seven columns (the control columns) in order to prepare them for card-punching by a FORTRAN job. Perforated punch cards were the items which were punched to record votes in Florida that year. Since my pre-punching task involved punching a number of cards with the same common information, I was punching a stack of those cards at the same time with a number two pencil. If I failed to punch through the stack, I was instructed to turn the stack over and punch from the other side. Before doing so, I could plainly see that there were rectangles of card stock which were still attached in various standard ways, depending on how far down the stack the punch card was. The cards at the top were punched through. Further down came the cards with perforated boxes dangling by one corner. Next came the cards where a perforated box was attached by two adjacent corners, by which the box swung. Near the bottom came perforated boxes where, at most, one corner was broken free and its center was depressed, so that the concavity from the perspective of a pencil point might be perceived to be convex from the perspective of the bottom of the stack. When the first reports came of the perforated boxes on the Florida ballots, designated as “chads”, having those features, I immediately recognized the work of someone pushing a №2 pencil through a stack of perforated punch cards and not bothering to turn the stack over to punch from the other side, to
complete the task. The simplest explanation for this phenomenon is that the ballots were being hastily altered or blank ballots punched to stuff the ballot box. This was made even clearer from there being many cases of double-punching, often ludicrously so, with both Pat Buchanan and Al Gore being selected on the same ballot. The lame excuses made by the Democratic machine, that Florida’s seniors were too frail to operate the voting machine with enough force to punch a single perforated punch card, were as absurd as they were ageist. The force is provided by the machine itself through the operation of moving the bar to the “voted” position; if you can move the bar to the point were the springs take over, you can punch your vote through on a single card. The plain truth was that Daley and his crew were punching through votes for Gore on stacks of perforated punch cards using №2 pencils. None of the ballots with hanging, swinging, or pregnant chads were valid for the chad position. Mystery solved!

In the present case of ballot stuffing, the evidence is probabilistic. The odds of a bundle of “discovered” votes all being for Biden are microscopically small. Again, the simplest explanation is that those ballots are counterfeit, duplicated on a high-speed printer using voter rolls much like form letters use customer lists. If the ballots are not pre-printed with ink splotches at the ovals near Biden’s name, they could easily be handed to staffers tasked with filling in the ovals, themselves. Fortunately, the counterfeit ballots may be identifiable through the lack of special marks on the ballots, themselves. Instead of being counted, such counterfeit votes need be excluded as counterfeits, just as counterfeit twenty-dollar bills are excluded as payment at a store. If the source of the counterfeits is discovered, the perpetrators should be prosecuted and those conspiring to counterfeit excluded from engaging in any activity where they might benefit from counterfeiting.

A scion of the Sherman and Delano families, C. P. Klapper comes from a long history of New England Communist Republicanism.

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