Conservatives are Democratic Slavers

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No Democratic Slavers Allowed

In the latest display of group think by the so-called “free thinkers” of the conservative movement, every Conservative — more accurately, every Conservative Democratic RINO — condemns the one aspect of the Green New Deal which promotes liberty. With their usual demagoguery, they ridicule that income would be given even to those who are unwilling to “work”. They imply that the word “work” means making any effort in their daily lives when they know full well that it means “being employed by some company for some wage”. This rhetorical posture they clearly admit by mischaracterizing the work refuseniks as “lazy”.

The many forms of work that both the employed and the unemployed do in their daily lives, the cooking, the dish-cleaning, the taking out of garbage, the laundry, the caring for children or the elderly, and performing various maintenance tasks, belie the scurrilous charges of the Conservatives. They also are an indication that, if the provision of the necessities to all was made without the condition of employment, people would still work. They would not be prone on their couches all day after such a provision because they are not prone on their couches all day before it.

This then gets to what the Conservatives want, what is exposed by their ridicule. If somebody cannot refuse employment in general, they cannot refuse employment at any wage, no matter how low. The Conservatives want these hard-working citizens to take on the further tasks of working for some democratic mercantilist, indeed to be forced to do so. More bluntly, Conservatives want to continue a system of economic slavery.

The slaver mentality of the Conservatives is counterproductive, for it further cripples the economy. First, the liberation of wage slaves from an unconditional provision of the necessities would enable those former slaves to start their own businesses, providing the goods and services their neighbors want, but which the mercantilist combines were either unwilling or unable to provide. Second, the unconditional provision puts money into the hands of those neighbors and turns them into customers. Third, the dangerous work done by the wage slaves under the duress of survival would then come at a wage-premium, creating a new or urgent demand for automation and re-design. Million-dollar miners, roofers and electrical linemen, however merited by the market, will spur development of new approaches to replace their jobs, with an urgency which does not exist under the preferred Conservative policy of wage slavery. Taken together, these consequences of an unconditional provision will produce a great expansion of the American economy from where it is at present.

These results of an unconditional provision of the necessities to all refute the self-serving rhetoric of the Conservative gurus. The unconditional provision is given to everyone, so the Conservative objection to welfare does not apply. There is neither an incentive nor a disincentive to wage employment from the unconditional provision. The Conservatives are just mad that the duress of a provision conditioned on employment has been removed, that their mercantilist buddies will now have to pay market rates instead of slave wages for their employees.

We should not feel sorry for the Conservative Democratic Slavers’ potential loss, nor for their losing this debate. It has not been the first time that Conservatives have tried to sink a proposal to implement an unconditional provision of the necessities to all. As recently as the 1960’s and 1970’s, they pulled the same stunt with an economist they claim to esteem, Milton Friedman, and his Negative Income Tax proposal. Most recently, the Conservative Democratic Slavers have refused to get my book, Popular Capitalism, where I present a theory of political economy centered on all forms of the provision of the necessities.

It is time to dispense with the disingenuous objections of slavers. It is time to implement an unconditional provision of the necessities to all, even to those unable or unwilling to work.

A scion of the Sherman and Delano families, C. P. Klapper comes from a long history of New England Communist Republicanism.

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