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Figure 1. “The Brotherhood of Mankind” sculpture in Calgary.

I am a human. Are you a human, too?

The cancel culture says “No! You are in the black race or the white race, and so is every personage in history.”

With this blatant racism, the cancel culture has smeared personages who they deem “white”, inciting racist hatred against them and pulling down statues which honor their human achievements, including their fight against racism, itself.

Why is the cancel culture, despite its avowed opposition to racism, so viciously racist? Because its participants do not understand what racism is, or its leaders seek to hide their racism in blame-shifting demagoguery.

Racism is democratic categorization.

Democracies justify their enslavement of some humans by putting those into a category the supporters of their democracy deem not “demos”, and justify the granting of privilege and power to themselves by reserving a category which includes their fellow supporters as “demos”. When those who are put into the “demos” category object to this democratic categorization, to this racism, their voices are stilled or derided as “abolitionists” and “radicals”. Then when the sins of democracy are palpable, modern democracies shift the blame to those abolitionists and others put unwillingly into the “demos” category who fought against the racist slavery which is at the very heart of democracy.

Thus, we have the continued whitewashing of the democratic elections, of the eponymous Democratic Party electoral organization, of politicians who seek or maintain office based on their racist claims of “representing” one or another democratic category. Thus, we also have racist attacks against people the democracies put into the “white” democratic category, ascribing privilege where there was none granted and none accepted.

It is this democratic racism which is the basis of the hypocritical cancel culture and which has directed the efforts of the people against the essential task of our time: eradicating democracy. While the cancel culture is tearing down a statue of Union General Grant and misrepresenting the grateful acknowledgment of Native American and African guides for their assistance to natural history benefactor Teddy Roosevelt, the slavery from democratic categorization into “criminal” and “law-abiding citizens” continues without public protest.

Bastille Day 2020 approaches. We may yet see a canceling of the racist democratic culture.

A scion of the Sherman and Delano families, C. P. Klapper comes from a long history of New England Communist Republicanism.

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