A More Believable Screenplay

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Jizzlane approaches the corner with Hester

There is a brutal video making the rounds among Conservatives on Twitter, with an implausible narrative laying the blame for the depicted murder of an alleged parent on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and on the movement to de-fund the police. Numerous commenters have pointed out the many inconsistencies of that narrative with the video, especially the behavior of the girl after her “parent” was shot. Besides, the whole scene looks staged, which leads me to consider how the scene might be more reasonably be set.

Avengers of the Innocents, Act II, Scene 3:

[Jizzlane enters from right, holding Hester’s hand as they cross the street. Antonio, a neighbor of Hester’s, is sitting on his bicycle outside of a national chain storefront.]

Hester (as they approach the opposite corner): Antonio!

Antonio: Jizzlane, where are you going with the girl?

[Jizzlane hesitates at the corner, not stepping onto the curb.]

Jizzlane (mumbling): The Young Don has need of a sweet, young thing, now that his girlfriend is infected.

[Mercurio, who has been tracking Jizzlane, pulls up in his car at the corner.]

Mercurio: Jeff is no longer here to protect you, Jizzlane. Your pimping days are over!

[Mercurio pulls out a gun and shoots Jizzlane, who then falls at the corner.]

Antonio: Hester, come with me!

[Hester runs down the road with Antonio, away from the corner. Mercurio turns his car around and speeds off.]

Jizzlane (gasping for breath and in pain): Damn you all!

[She expires.]

A scion of the Sherman and Delano families, C. P. Klapper comes from a long history of New England Communist Republicanism.

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